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Deposit Policy:

At Northern Elements, we require a 25% down payment upon confirmation of a customized order or service. This initial payment serves as a commitment to initiate the crafting or customization process of your bespoke cedar product.

No Refund Policy on Deposit:

Please note that the 25% down payment is non-refundable. Once the deposit is made, it signifies your commitment to proceed with the order and initiates the procurement of materials and the allocation of resources to fulfill your specific requirements.

Understanding the Deposit Policy:

The deposit secures your order and allows us to begin the customization process promptly, ensuring timely delivery or completion.

We value transparency and ensure that clients are fully aware of their commitment upon making the deposit.

In the event of order cancellation or changes after the deposit is made, the amount is non-refundable due to the resources and efforts already invested in the customization process.

Final Payment:

Upon completion of your order, the remaining balance is due. We will notify you when your customized cedar product is ready for delivery or pickup, and the final payment is required before the product is released.

mode of payments

At Northern Elements Cedar Products, convenience meets flexibility in our payment options, ensuring a seamless experience as you acquire our exquisite cedar creations.

Cash Payments: We welcome cash payments for your chosen cedar pieces. Enjoy the ease and immediacy of completing your transaction in cash when you pick up your selected item or upon delivery.

Credit Card Payments: For added convenience and flexibility, we gladly accept major credit cards. Whether you're picking up your item from our yard or opting for doorstep delivery, you can effortlessly complete your purchase using your credit card.

Embrace the simplicity of cash transactions or the ease of paying with your credit card—Northern Elements Cedar Products provides you with multiple payment avenues to suit your preferences.